Wet Shave versus Dry Shave

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There are two kinds of shave that men know: the wet shave and the dry shave. The wet shave is the traditional way of shaving using water and soap or cream. Afterwards, you clean your face with a brush made of animal hairs. You can do a wet shave using a single-blade razor, multi-blade razor, or safety razor. Dry shaving is simply shaving using an electric shaver, without using anything else.

Each kind of shave has its benefits and disadvantages.

Wet Shave

Credit: stevepb / Pixabay

Wet shaving

Benefits of a wet shave

A traditional wet shave gives you the closest shave possible and makes your skin feel smoother and cleaner. It also reduces your risk of having nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Wet shaving also helps remove dead cells and thoroughly exfoliate your skin.

In order for you to fully appreciate a wet shave, you need to do the following. First, invest in quality products. You need to buy a quality blade razor shaver and shaving soaps or creams, and not just the convenience-store kind. Second, learn how to do a wet shave properly. That means lathering up to three minutes, shaving in the right angle and direction, not putting too much pressure on your skin, and using an aftershave. Razor burns, nicks, and cuts happen because you use cheap products and do a wet shave hastily.

Another benefit is that it is very enjoyable and relaxing. Wet shaving initially seems like a chore, with all the preparation that you need for it. But men who switched from dry shaving to wet shaving now appreciate this ritual.

Disadvantages of a wet shave

Costliness is probably the biggest disadvantage of a wet shave. Wet shaving involves a lot of products so it’s more expensive. But, if you consider the benefits of using these products, then it isn’t a disadvantage, but a reasonable investment. However, if you are always pressed for time or traveling, then maybe wet shaving is not for you.

You can also opt to sign up for a shaving subscription that provides a quality blade razor and monthly blade replacements. If you’d like to buy shaver online, we suggest signing up for a shaving subscription instead because they are cheaper but ensure quality and customer service.

Credit: TLSPAMG / Pixabay

Dry shaving

Benefits of a dry shave

The main reason why men like a dry shave is because it’s fast. You don’t need to spend time preparing your products and lathering up. All you need to do is to pick up your electric shaver and you’re all set. Best of all, dry shaving is cheaper. Dry shaving is also great for people who are always traveling and need to keep their habits as mobile as them. You can also shave more creatively using an electric razor than a traditional one.

Disadvantages of a dry shave

Electric shavers might die out mid-shave because of weak batteries, which is surely a hassle. They are also expensive, but like we said earlier, quality shaving products aren’t expenses, but investments.


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