Ultimate Guide to Muslim Friendly Places to Visit in Singapore

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Singapore is a multi racial and cultural city with about a million Muslims living and/or working there. It is a highly recommended place to visit for a holiday if you are a Muslim due to the numerous Muslim friendly amenities found there. From finding the best Muslim friendly places to stay at, Halal food to dig in to the latest Muslim fashion like elegant abayas and good burkini swimwear, Singapore has it all. So read the rest of this article to discover the ultimate guide to Muslim friendly places to visit in Singapore.


If you are visiting any city, you will have to find accommodation to stay at while you explore the city. Singapore has no short supply of hotels but specifically, it has quite a number of Muslim friendly hotels. Some of these hotels have dedicated prayer rooms, prayer mats, the Holy Quran and Qibla direction in the comfort of the guest rooms and Halal certified restaurants serving some of the best local and international cuisines. Others may be near mosques and Halal eateries for the convenience of any Muslim traveler.

Two of these hotels are located in the central shopping district of Singapore called Orchard Road. They are none other than Royal Plaza on Scotts and Grand Hyatt. Incidentally, these two hotels are just across the road from each other and they are also near the Al-Falah mosque and numerous Halal eateries at the shopping centers nearby. Others such as the Fairmont Singapore and Marina Mandarin Singapore can be found near historical sites such as the Padang, City Hall, War Memorial and even near an underground mosque located at the basement of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) at the heart of Singapore’s business district.


The next thing that any Muslim traveler will definitely need is to find Halal food to feast on. Well, don’t fret as there is no shortage of that in Singapore as well. You can find numerous places to dine at, serving some of the best local Halal dishes all across the island. Some of the best ones along the Kampong Glam area include eateries such as Zam Zam, Victory, Tasneem, Islamic, Hajjah Maimunah and Rumah Makan Mikang. Zam Zam, Victory, Tasneem and Islamic whips up some of the most delicious Indian cuisines while Hajjah Maimunah and Rumah Makan Minang are known for their mouth watering traditional Malay dishes. Apart from the Kampong Glam area, you can also find many delectable Halal food in areas like the Newton Food Centre, Tekka market, Geylang Serai market, Golden Mile Food Centre, Changi Village Food Center and much more all around Singapore.


Now, what visit to a city will be complete without the mandatory shopping. Singapore has a vast array of locations to shop for Muslim friendly items. You can find some of the latest Muslim fashion like abaya, hijab, shawls, scarves, jubahs and jilbabs at various locations such as Joo Chiat Complex, Tanjong Katong Complex, Geylang Serai market and Golden Landmark Shopping Centre. In addition, these locations also offer other Muslim essentials like prayer mats, prayer gowns, Qibla compasses, prayer beads, holy Qurans and much more.

In fact, there are even local based online sites that offer the latest Muslim fasion like good hijab style, elegant maxi-dresses and good abaya designs. One highly recommended site is HijabDressUp which is dedicated to Muslim women fashion.

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