Our main focus is the news from the countries of Southeast Asia. However, we also post articles, infographics, etc. with interesting material or past-present comparisons for those who want to learn more about these countries. Here is what you can learn about from here:

  • The freshest news from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos, etc.
  • Special events announcements from these countries.
  • Forecasts and predictions of different nature, related to the area.
  • Interesting articles about life in these countries.
  • News about traveling, for those who want to explore Southeast Asia.

Where We Get Material

We have contacts with lots of larger news websites, agencies, and other institutions. So, we get the news as soon as they arrive. Then we process them, choose the most interesting topics, and cover them for you. The coverage involves a great deal of research, partially Internet-based. This is how we get the articles you may see on the website.

There are also pieces of news we get from our people who live in Southeast Asia and gather all the freshest information for us. So, our main team is only the top of an iceberg – we have a lot more people who help us.

We Are Open to Requests

We want to expand and cover as many topics as possible. As for now, our team writes about economy, politics, climate, people, life, etc. of the mentioned countries. However, maybe there’s something you want to know that we don’t have here. If this is the case, we would love to consider your request. Just write us what you want to read about and why it is so.

The most interesting requests will be implemented as soon as we find something on them. Southeast Asia is too interesting and diverse to focus only on the dry news facts. So, to explore this diversity, we think it’s the best to ask our readers for cooperation.

Write for Us

If you are a good writer and want to try your hand, feel free to contact us and submit your articles. Also, if you have some information you want to share with us, we don’t have the right to take your glory and write about your material not mentioning yourself. So, if you feel like there’s have something exclusive in your information pocket, or you think your skills can make our website better, we will be waiting for your e-mail. Our people will tell you about the requirements, which aren’t strict at all, and hopefully post your piece of news as soon as possible!