SEO Content Writing Strategies to Boost Your Rank this 2018

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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing industry is growing increasingly competitive. Once in a while, a filler article pops up on search results page. However, quality SEO articles dominate online data.

Because the SEO and Search Engine Marketing industries are becoming more sophisticated, businesses like yours should catch up on the latest content writing trends. Below are some tips to take note of that can help you boost your rank today.

Write quality articles that are relevant and authoritative.

Writing is one of the core SEO strategies. Without content writing, there’s nothing technical SEO can do but rely on keywords. But we know that audiences don’t look for keywords. They use them to find answers online to their immediate concerns, such as removing rust from household items. The growth of content marketing led to the improvement of SEO content writing.

Google has something called a “featured snippet” which shows an excerpt from a quality, relevant and authoritative SEO article on the top of a search results page. This feature challenges businesses to create truly compelling content that can help them become the top-of-mind player in their industry.

Find new sources for article topics.

There’s a lot of ways you can find content to write about.

You can start by looking at the questions at the bottom of the Google search results page. You can find them under the “People Also Ask” feature. These questions can serve as the basis of your new articles. Because people are already asking them, it’s highly likely for them to turn to your website or blog for answers.

A surefire way of having good content is by hiring a content writing agency. One of them is 786SEO content writing services which is based in Singapore. 786SEO has an impeccable record bringing businesses from the 10th page to the first page of search engine results. They also have 786SEO ecommerce SEO services.

Find keywords inside social media and online forums.

Think of a trend or relevant issue to your business or organization, and find out what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook. Use hashtags and see if there are any phrase patterns in people’s posts. The same rule applies to Reddit.

Hiring an agency like 786SEO content marketing services can also help you with identifying keywords, especially longtail ones. They can even look beyond the social media and forum platforms mentioned in this article.

Lastly, be interesting.

Great SEO content goes beyond stating facts and people’s online writing patterns. Exceptional SEO content writing is interesting and fun to read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be over-the-top for virality. It has to be simply engaging for the reader to take concrete action.

Google measures how interesting your articles are based on users’ average ‘bounce time’ and ‘dwell time’. ‘Bounce time’ refers to the duration of a user’s entrance to and exit from your blog. ‘Dwell time’ refers to how long a user spends on your article. The longer they take on your article page, the better.


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