Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Company

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Hiring an app company is one of the most crucial steps in developing your mobile app. Make sure you get to ask all the questions below before coming to a final decision and proceeding with your project.

How well do you know my business and my intended audience?

First and foremost, the app company should take time to know your business, understand your needs, and your market. Showing interest right off the bat reflects their intent to work with you, invest time in your project and provide good customer service. If you’re getting a local app company Malaysia and Singapore are markets they should know about.

Where can I find samples of your work?

An app company should be able to confidently provide you a list of projects they’ve worked on, links to those projects, as well as a brief description for each.

What companies and industries did you develop mobile apps for?

If their experience includes working on anĀ app for a company similar to yours or in the same industry, then that means they’ll be familiar with what you need. Better if you get to know that’s an app company Singapore and Malaysia-based clients trust.

What kind of special features can you create for my mobile app? Do you have experience in building them?

The app company should be innovative enough to create special features that will attract more mobile users, set you apart from the competition, and strengthen your brand value.

The app company might not have developed that feature yet. However, they may be familiar with the features that you need and can work on it.

How much experience do you have in terms of design and user experience?

The app company should have the ability to create a simple and efficient user experience that will entice users to frequently use your app.

How will we communicate during the mobile app development process?

It’s very important to hire an app company that proactively communicates with you, and constantly updates you. They should help you understand the development process, not hide it from you.

How will you test my mobile app?

Make sure that they test your app during the development stage to immediately address any bugs or problems that may come up.

Who will submit my mobile app to app stores?

App submission is a long and tedious process that the app company should be able to guide you throughout. In any case, you should own the account submitting the app to ensure continuity.

Who will own the mobile app?

Typically, the client owns the mobile app. Just make sure you obtain the necessary legal copyright documents.

What’s your pricing and payment schedule?

Finally, ask how much they charge and when they’ll charge you.

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