Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eye Clinic in Singapore

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Singapore has made noticeable advancements in the medical care sector in the past few years. The development is particularly seen in cataract treatments, which are provided by a number of specialised eye clinics. The country’s healthcare program incorporates a free market along with a power governmental role. The government of Singapore ensures universal coverage, which can be supplemented with private, market-based medical plans.

Singapore’s optical care segment

Given the achievement of Singapore in the medical field, getting world-class cataract treatment here isn’t a distant dream for many. But a large number of choices can make it a little overwhelming for people. Below are a few factors to consider while choosing an eye clinic around Singapore:

Know your problem
The choice of an eye clinic in Singapore will depend largely on the issue you are facing. For example, if you have a cataract, you should know what is a cataract and who you should seek to treat it. There’s a difference between an optician, optometrists and an ophthalmologist. Opticians are people who are trained to give you the glass, low-vision aids or contact lenses to correct your eyesight. Optometrists are physicians licensed to diagnose and treat different optical conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and muscular degeneration. But an ophthalmologist is a person who receives the highest degree of specialisation amongst the three and would be the right person to approach for cataract surgery and information on how is cataract surgery done.

Expertise of the surgeon
Cataract surgeons are very many in number. But you should know about their expertise and experience before making an appointment. Although there is a large number of clinics, you should only go to a clinic that has qualified doctors with at least 10 years of experience in dealing with cataract cases. You should consider checking the doctor’s track record or ask people who have visited him/her in the past. Shinagawa, an eye clinic in Singapore that does cataract surgery, is one such clinic with very experienced surgeons.

Facilities in the clinic
The world today is witnessing great changes in the medical field. Different kinds of technology and equipment have emerged to provide effective cataract surgery and treatment. You should do a proper research on the facilities available in the clinic. Laser surgeries are common in cataract treatments. A clinic that has a modern set up and the latest facilities should be a good choice for you. Ultimately it’s your gut feeling that tells you whether or not you should go to a particular clinic.

Although the government of Singapore provides universal coverage to its citizens, price continues to remain a primary determining factor in optical care. A clinic that offers the necessary treatment at an affordable price and takes good care of your insurance should be a good choice for you. You may also want to consider the location of the clinic because going to a specialised eye clinic nearby can help you save on transport costs. You should weigh different options and choose a clinic that you can afford.

You should look for online testimonials and reviews or talk to your friend or relatives before you settle on a particular eye clinic in Singapore. Your eyesight is a valuable asset, and you shouldn’t jeopardize it by seeking treatment from a poor-serving clinic.

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