How to Help Your Child Cope with Chemistry and Physics

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Science is one of the main focuses of the Singaporean educational system. Various science subjects comprise around 25% of the primary school syllabus. Secondary schools require students to take two science subjects for their O-level examinations.

Chemistry and physics are two of the most popular science subjects among secondary school students. After secondary school, students may also take up chemistry and physics in junior college depending on their career path.

A lot of students take up chemistry and physics as they envision themselves in science careers. However, passion is not enough to fuel students’ academic standing. Chemistry and physics are among the most difficult subjects so students need the training to excel in these subjects.

Are you a parent with a child who is facing difficulties with their secondary school physics and chemistry? If your answer is yes, then here are tips on how you can help them cope with these subjects.

First, determine the cause of the problem.

There are a few reasons why a student is lagging behind academically in chemistry and physics. One of the factors is his or her general academic outlook towards science. If your child found science difficult in primary school, the more they will find chemistry and physics to be difficult. Another factor is the change in the level of difficulty of subjects. Their excellence in science in primary school may not carry over to secondary school because they find it hard cope. The same applies when your child transitions from secondary school to junior college. It’s best to talk to your child personally if you see him or her struggling with studying physics and chemistry.

Enroll your Child in the Right Tuition Centre

Many parents here in Singapore send their children to tuition school for two reasons. One is to put them at an academic advantage above their fellow students. Another reason and the more common one is to help them cope with difficult subjects.

You may have been sending your child to the same tuition centre since he or she was in primary school. However, you may not be getting enough results. If your child still finds science hard after sending them to primary school science tuition, then it may because the centre is not well-equipped to teach advanced subjects. Hence, you need to reconsider your current tuition centre and find a new one.

But if you have never sent your child to tuition but is now finding physics and chemistry difficult, then it’s time to find a reputable one to help him keep up with academic difficulties.

Always show your support

Finally, always be supportive of your child no matter what his or her grades or challenges are. Your support means a lot and will motivate them to perform at their best.

Chemistry and Physics Tuition by Optimus

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