Choosing the Right Chemistry and Physics Tuition Centre for Your Child

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Chemistry tuition and physics tuition are two of the most in-demand services from tuition centres here in Singapore. Students learn chemistry and physics at the Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) levels as part of the Ministry of Education’s commitment to educational excellence. Also prior to pre-university and secondary school, students already learn the basic tenets of science.

However, their training in the sciences from primary school is not sufficient to prepare them for chemistry and physics. There are two main reasons for this. First, secondary education and pre-university education are more difficult than primary school. Since the subjects are difficult, they have to devote their time studying each one of them. They cannot devote themselves purely to chemistry or the physics unless they want to fail in their other subjects. Second, chemistry and physics subjects involve more specific topics, so it’s hard to take a generalist approach towards them. Hence, students need a special kind of training to pass these subjects excellence.

Here is our guide to finding a tuition centre for your child:

Subject Matter and Academic Experience

Knowing chemistry and physics is one thing. Teaching concepts is another. Look for tutors that have experience in teaching O level chemistry and physics. They should also be able to teach H1, H2 and H3 chemistry and physics at the A level. Some tutors are also knowledgeable in IB chemistry and physics. A tutor with vast knowledge and experience is more equipped to address your child’s difficulties in learning chemistry and physics.

Tutor-Student Interaction

Another thing that you have to look at is how tutors interact with their students. Ask the tuition centre if it’s possible for you to observe how tutors teach chemistry and physics concepts to their students. That way, you would know if their teaching style is compatible with your child’s learning style. Aside from being able to interact with students well, tutors should also have good character. They should be able to listen to your child and understand the academic difficulties they are facing. Most importantly, they should be positive thinkers who are supportive of your child’s academic goals.

Students’ Performance

The real gauge for tutors’ effectivity is the actual academic performances of students. Look for testimonials or reviews online on success stories, as well as criticisms. You can also ask referrals and reviews from friends on which centres offer the best chemistry tuition and physics tuition.


Finally, tutors should have that positive and burning passion to teach chemistry and physics tuition. These subjects are truly difficult. Hence, you need to find tutors who are passionately inspiring their students to excel in these subjects and get far in life.

Choose Optimus Tuition Centre for Chemistry and Physics Tuition

Optimus Tuition Centre is one of the most reliable centres that offer chemistry tuition and physics tuition. Chemistry tuition by Optimus and Physics tuition by Optimus are conducted in small groups based on an updated curriculum modelled after school examinations. Their office is located in Toa Payoh North.

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