4 Reasons Why Managers & Supervisors Need to Undergo Work at Height Training in Singapore

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Anybody in the construction business in Singapore knows how life-threatening the trade can be. Especially when it comes to working at height, the risks are increased. “Work at height” (WAH) simply means working above floor or ground level, where you could fall and end up with serious injuries or even death if necessary precautions are not taken. You could either fall through a fragile or weak surface like glass, from an edge or through an opening.

If you are a manager or supervisor in the construction business in Singapore, it is of crucial importance that you go through an extensive work at height course for supervisors or work at height course for manager integrated. Not only does this ensure the safety of your workers, it can also help you avoid many legal problems.

Why every manager/supervisor has to undergo WAH training

Here are a few points to help you understand better the importance of undergoing Work at Height training in Singapore.

1. To be able to identify and deal with workplace safety & health hazards
Managers and supervisors of construction companies will be held liable if any sort of accident resulting in involved workers’ injuries happens. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that every manager/supervisor go through a broad and rigorous Work at Height training programme. They have to have enough knowledge to be able to identify and control any kind of workplace hazards that could lead to accidents.

2. To be able to assess and minimise risks
Managers/supervisors are expected to do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their workers so as to minimise serious risks. They are legally bound to make certain that workers have the required Work at Height gears and equipment, and this includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Workers should be thoroughly trained in the use of such necessary equipment. A Fall Protection Plan, which is to be present at the site of the work, is also necessary to increase safety for the involved workers. Appropriate assessor training skills are usually taught in courses such as the work at height course for assessor integrated.

3. To be able to carry out investigation to meet legal and organisational standards
All activities pertaining to Work at Height (WAH) must be properly planned and inspected at regular intervals by managers and supervisors. They must make sure that their Fall Protection Plans are in good working condition, which calls for an inspection at a maximum of every 12 months. But the frequency should be increased if the work site is relatively more hazardous. All types of surfaces, scaffolding, and rails should be inspected for safety by competent managers every time before use. While workers are in training for use of certain equipment, it is also mandatory for them to be supervised.

4. To be able to prepare reports to meet legal requirements
Managers and supervisors in the construction business must be trained effectively so that they have the knowledge and competence to be able to regularly prepare and file reports which are in accordance with all the legal requirements. This is an important aspect because if reports are not submitted on time or do not meet the required standards, it could lead to serious consequences.

And there you have it, 4 crucial reasons why every manager/supervisor has to undergo WAH training. If you will to find out more and enroll in WAH training courses in Singapore, check out Asretec, a leading WAH training provider.

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