How to Help Your Child Cope with Chemistry and Physics

Science is one of the main focuses of the Singaporean educational system. Various science subjects comprise around 25% of the primary school syllabus. Secondary schools require students to take two science subjects for their O-level examinations.

Chemistry and physics are two of the most popular science subjects among secondary school students. After secondary school, students may also take up chemistry and physics in junior college depending on their career path.

A lot of students take up chemistry and physics as they envision themselves in science careers. However, passion is not enough to fuel students’ academic standing. Chemistry and physics are among the most difficult subjects so students need the training to excel in these subjects.

Are you a parent with a child who is facing difficulties with their secondary school physics and chemistry? If your answer is yes, then here are tips on how you can help them cope with these subjects.

First, determine the cause of the problem.

There are a few reasons why a student is lagging behind academically in chemistry and physics. One of the factors is his or her general academic outlook towards science. If your child found science difficult in primary school, the more they will find chemistry and physics to be difficult. Another factor is the change in the level of difficulty of subjects. Their excellence in science in primary school may not carry over to secondary school because they find it hard cope. The same applies when your child transitions from secondary school to junior college. It’s best to talk to your child personally if you see him or her struggling with studying physics and chemistry.

Enroll your Child in the Right Tuition Centre

Many parents here in Singapore send their children to tuition school for two reasons. One is to put them at an academic advantage above their fellow students. Another reason and the more common one is to help them cope with difficult subjects.

You may have been sending your child to the same tuition centre since he or she was in primary school. However, you may not be getting enough results. If your child still finds science hard after sending them to primary school science tuition, then it may because the centre is not well-equipped to teach advanced subjects. Hence, you need to reconsider your current tuition centre and find a new one.

But if you have never sent your child to tuition but is now finding physics and chemistry difficult, then it’s time to find a reputable one to help him keep up with academic difficulties.

Always show your support

Finally, always be supportive of your child no matter what his or her grades or challenges are. Your support means a lot and will motivate them to perform at their best.

Chemistry and Physics Tuition by Optimus

The Singapore Tuition Centre, Optimus, offers physics and chemistry tuition to students from all levels, from primary to junior college. For enquiries about Optimus chemistry tuition and physics tuition, visit their website today.

How to Make your Laptop Last Longer

Having a laptop is necessary for work, study and leisure. That is why it’s important for you to take really good care of them.

When it comes to laptop repair Singapore has a lot of shops that offer this service. However, having laptop repair shops all around you does not mean that you will take what you have for granted. No matter how you put it, repairs still cost more than preventing problems from occurring. They are also very expensive to replace. Here are some tips to making your laptop last longer, if not forever.

Keep it secure.

Having your laptop stolen is a very harrowing and costly experience, so you have to keep it secure. Put a name label on it, and place it inside an anti-theft slash-proof bag. It should also have a password, preferably a difficult one that uses characters, numbers, and letters in uppercase and lowercase. If your laptop has additional security features, use them. Keep them close and visible when you’re out in public.

Keep it free from liquids and food particles.

Eating or drinking while working on our laptops more enjoyable. It also puts our laptops at risk for irreparable ruin. Food particles getting in between the keys of your keyboard could affect your typing. Ice cream and drink spills may cause motherboards to malfunction.

If you must eat and drink, shield your keyboard from your food or drink, or turn away from your laptop. Turn to your side to pop a morsel of popcorn, or stand up to take a swig of your drink.

Clean it regularly.

Use a small dust rag to wipe its screen and keyboard with a special laptop cleaner as often as you could. Use a small feather duster to clean the crevices in between keys.

Handle with care.

Close the screen and hold it with two hands when you’re putting it inside your bag, or if you’re transferring it from one place to another. Store your laptop in a cool and dry place to prevent it from overheating.

Turn it off or set in hibernate mode.

Turn your laptop off before sleeping so it can get its necessary rest. Having it turned on constantly may cause it to overheat and work slower. Turn it on hibernate mode if you’re travelling between meetings, or from home to school or vice-versa.

Update your OS or antivirus system.

To keep your software safe from malware and viruses, you need to update your OS (for Macs) and antivirus systems (for Windows). Keep your software updated as much as possible.

When all else fails

Even if you take all the necessary precautions, your laptop still runs the risk of malfunctioning. When that happens, take it to a shop that does computer repair Singapore users trust. If you are a Mac user, look for a shop specialising in Macbook repair Singapore Mac loyalists love.

Remember, prevention is better than repair, but when you need repair, go to a shop that Singaporeans like you trust.


Window Blinds that You Could Buy for Your Home Part 2

Window blinds are a type of window treatment you can use for your home, office or shop here in Singapore. There are many types of window blinds you can choose from. In the last article, we discussed a few of these types, including bamboo, rainbow, roller and roman blinds. In this article, we will continue to discuss the other types of window blinds available.

Here are other types of window blinds you can use in  your home:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal blades made of either aluminum, PVC or wood. Their blades come in different widths, although narrow blinds are more common. They also come in a wide range of colors. You can adjust the blinds using a sturdy string on its side. Using the string, you can angle the blades the way you want, based on how much or little light you want in a room. If you want more sunlight, adjust the blades until they look flat. If you want to have less sunlight, angle the blades upward or downward.  Venetian blinds by themselves do not look stylish. However, they can give a room a cool and relaxing look if you angle the blades downward.

You can use Venetian blinds in the bedroom, kitchen and dining areas. Venetian blinds look grand in living rooms that have large vertical windows.

Vertical Blinds

Singapore is a tropical country, so it’s important for you to choose blinds that would block out the heat of the sun. Among all types of blinds, vertical blinds are the easiest and most elegant type of blinds for sun protection. Because the blades of vertical blinds are wider than Venetian blinds, they provide better coverage for large windows. Vertical blinds also fit well with round and irregularly shaped windows. They are available in a wide range of colors and materials.

Vertical blinds look best in living rooms with large horizontal windows.

Vitrom Blinds

Vitrom blinds is a practical yet dramatic type of window blinds. This type of blinds is perfect for people who want as much protection from heat as they can. Vitrom blinds do not have blades. Instead, it has an opaque front layer made of overlapping fabrics and a sheer and translucent layer at the back. The back layer provides additional protection from the sun, even if the front layer is open. When you close the opaque front layer completely, the blinds resemble a large roller blind. When you pull the string, the overlapping fabrics of the opaque front layer separate to let light in. Opened vitrom blinds look like a window jalousie. Vitrom blinds give a laid-back hippie feel to your home. You can choose among the many fabrics, textures, and colors of vitrom blinds available in the market.

Where to Buy Window Blinds

These types of window blinds are available at The Curtain Expert. They can customise your blinds or you can choose from the readymade blinds available in their store. To view their full collection, visit their website at


Choosing the Right Chemistry and Physics Tuition Centre for Your Child

Chemistry tuition and physics tuition are two of the most in-demand services from tuition centres here in Singapore. Students learn chemistry and physics at the Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) levels as part of the Ministry of Education’s commitment to educational excellence. Also prior to pre-university and secondary school, students already learn the basic tenets of science.

However, their training in the sciences from primary school is not sufficient to prepare them for chemistry and physics. There are two main reasons for this. First, secondary education and pre-university education are more difficult than primary school. Since the subjects are difficult, they have to devote their time studying each one of them. They cannot devote themselves purely to chemistry or the physics unless they want to fail in their other subjects. Second, chemistry and physics subjects involve more specific topics, so it’s hard to take a generalist approach towards them. Hence, students need a special kind of training to pass these subjects excellence.

Here is our guide to finding a tuition centre for your child:

Subject Matter and Academic Experience

Knowing chemistry and physics is one thing. Teaching concepts is another. Look for tutors that have experience in teaching O level chemistry and physics. They should also be able to teach H1, H2 and H3 chemistry and physics at the A level. Some tutors are also knowledgeable in IB chemistry and physics. A tutor with vast knowledge and experience is more equipped to address your child’s difficulties in learning chemistry and physics.

Tutor-Student Interaction

Another thing that you have to look at is how tutors interact with their students. Ask the tuition centre if it’s possible for you to observe how tutors teach chemistry and physics concepts to their students. That way, you would know if their teaching style is compatible with your child’s learning style. Aside from being able to interact with students well, tutors should also have good character. They should be able to listen to your child and understand the academic difficulties they are facing. Most importantly, they should be positive thinkers who are supportive of your child’s academic goals.

Students’ Performance

The real gauge for tutors’ effectivity is the actual academic performances of students. Look for testimonials or reviews online on success stories, as well as criticisms. You can also ask referrals and reviews from friends on which centres offer the best chemistry tuition and physics tuition.


Finally, tutors should have that positive and burning passion to teach chemistry and physics tuition. These subjects are truly difficult. Hence, you need to find tutors who are passionately inspiring their students to excel in these subjects and get far in life.

Choose Optimus Tuition Centre for Chemistry and Physics Tuition

Optimus Tuition Centre is one of the most reliable centres that offer chemistry tuition and physics tuition. Chemistry tuition by Optimus and Physics tuition by Optimus are conducted in small groups based on an updated curriculum modelled after school examinations. Their office is located in Toa Payoh North.

Window Blinds that You Could Buy for Your Home

Window blinds are a very popular type of window treatment in Singapore. You can find them in homes, offices, as well as stores. With the new year approaching and a period of redecorating nearing, you may already be considering putting window blinds up in your home. Or you may already have blinds but need to replace them because they are old or incompatible with your windows. In any case, you need to put up blinds that are functional, compatible with your windows and stylish.

Here’s a list of types of window blinds you could install at home:


Bamboo is one of the best kinds of material for blinds because they are durable and versatile. These blinds can withstand any type of weather, whether warm, hazy or inclement. It’s also very affordable considering that bamboo is highly abundant in Southeast Asia. Since it’s durable, it’s sustainable and can last you long. Bamboo blinds are also versatile in terms of style and fit well with any home decor. You can display them on their own, or pair them with curtains in neutral and earthy colors.

Rainbow Blinds

This kind of window treatment goes by three names: Rainbow Blinds, Combi Blinds, or Shadow Blinds. It has two layers of stripes that consist of luxurious polyester and sheer material. They provide effective protection against light and security for your home. You can adjust the stripes to let in healthy sun rays in the morning. Then you can close it totally to prevent harmful rays from entering later when the sun is hottest.

This very stylish type of blinds add colour and texture to any room and look good both from the inside and outside. Rainbow blinds look best in contemporary and minimalist homes.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are probably the most known and customizable among all types of blinds. There are a lot of fabric materials and colors of roller blinds you could choose from in the market. You can actually choose fabrics on the basis of what you need the most. If your home needs protection from Singapore’s scorching weather, buy roller blinds using sunscreen fabric. If you need blinds for weather protection and privacy purposes, then you could go for the block out fabric. There are also translucent fabrics available for purely decorative use. Because of its versatility and customizability, would look great in any home, whether classic-looking or modern and minimalist.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a classy yet affordable fusion of ordinary blinds and curtain draperies. Just like roller blinds, they come in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Roman blinds are the perfect mix of form and function. You can roll them up and down like normal blinds, or keep them down to for a more stylish draped look. Roman blinds look great in bedrooms and lounges.

Where to Buy Window Blinds

The Curtain Expert is the best place to buy window blinds. They offer customizable and readymade window blinds. To see their full collection visit

Wedding Themes to Look Out for this 2018

Wedding themes are beautiful depictions of the bride and groom’s sense of style. They offer guests a glimpse into the couple’s personalities, as well as set the mood of the occasion.

This 2018, we will see new wedding theme trends for brides and grooms to choose from. In this article, we present some wedding themes to look out for.


Fairytale weddings are making a grand comeback this 2018. It’s a great theme for couples who love anything vintage but are daring enough to go big. We’ll see brides and their ladies in ballgowns, and grooms and their men in double-breasted suits.  Flower ceilings, chandeliers or hanging lights, and elegant table arrangements fit for royalty will adorn banquet halls.

Elegant Forest Beauty

This wedding theme is perfect for couples who go on outdoor adventures and live a natural and organic lifestyle. Brides who go for this theme will be wearing gowns featuring floral accents. Entourage gowns and suites will feature dark hues such as plum, berry, and greens reminiscent of foliage. This theme will also feature decors such as greenery, elegant floral arrangements in tall vases on long tables, and wildflower wreaths. Wedding receptions will either be in tents or gardens.

Industrial Metal Chic

Urban nomad couples will find themselves in love with this wedding theme. This theme is a new take on the modern, clean, and minimal look. It involves the use of silver and chrome colors on wedding gowns, invitations, entourage wardrobe, and even on the wedding cake! This theme will feature decors such as succulent plants, lanterns, and geometric metallic art centerpieces.

New Wooden Rustic

The new rustic is a theme for couples who live a simple, down-to-earth and no-frills lifestyle. What sets this trend apart is that it moves away from barnyard themes and uses a lot of wood instead. Lace bridal gowns with long sleeves and lace dresses for the entourage match the simplicity of this wedding theme. Suits in dark brown hues will look dapper on the men.

Color Wedding Themes

The following trends are for brides who go for simple color motifs rather than full-blown wedding themes.

Bright color combinations that remind you of childhood dominate color wedding themes for 2018. Couples can go for a summer palette that fuses red, yellow, teal and purple. They can also opt to use a combination of sweet colors such as green, flamingo pink, light blue, and white. Couples who live a fun carefree lifestyle might want to go bohemian with plum, yellow gold, silver and rose pink.

Whether you’re going for a grand wedding theme or a color motif theme, you need to find friendly and talented planners who can help make your wedding day look perfect, like Dream Wedding from Singapore.

Dream Wedding provides wedding planning services, gown rentals and photography to Singapore-based couples. You can take a look at their photography services here: Dream Wedding offers gown rental services both to brides and their bridesmaids as well: Book an appointment with Dream Wedding today!



Awesome Barbecue Party Ideas for Christmas

Throwing an indoor barbecue party is a great way to celebrate the Christmas season. People’s love for Christmas and barbecue parties are enough reasons to combine these two to create an unforgettable event. Here’s how you can make your Christmas barbecue party fun and memorable:

  • Have a casual party theme that goes well with barbecues.

Hollywood, decades, and masquerade ball themes are some of the most common Christmas party themes we see. They don’t generate excitement anymore. For a change, go for a party theme that’s casual, unique and goes well with barbecues.

Indoor Summer Picnic

We usually associate barbecue parties with summer and the outdoors. Unfortunately, Singapore’s December monsoon weather brings a lot of rain. Despite that, you can still have a sunny Christmas by having an indoor summer barbecue picnic.

Decorate walls with images of the sun, trees, and a playground. Then, set picnic benches up and lay picnic mats on the floor for that genuine park feel. Let people enjoy with Christmas carols and laid-back tunes playing at the background. Hire a small acapella band to provide your music.

Colorful Rain Gear Party

Make the most out of your umbrellas, jackets and raincoats by having a colorful rain gear party. It’s a fun way for you to deal with Singapore’s monsoon weather. This theme is the exact opposite of the one above, but also works well with barbecues because it’s also casual.

Decorate walls with paper raindrops, cotton clouds, and rainbows. You can also hang umbrellas on the ceiling to complement your wall decor. Your playlist should be have a mix of Christmas carols and songs like “Singing in the Rain” and “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”.

Sports Grill

Have your own sports grill for your Christmas party. This is another good theme because people associate barbecues with sports. A lot of people enjoy watching sports while having barbecued food.

Decorate your event place like a football stadium or basketball court. Rent arcade basketball machines and foosball tables for people to enjoy. You can also opt to set up television sets where you can watch classic football games. You can have Christmas carols and themes from sports movies like Rocky and Chariots of Fire playing in the background.

  • Get a reputable catering company like EZBBQ to provide food for your party.

EZB BBQ Wholesale & Catering is a reputable Halal-certified catering company you can for barbecue party needs. Catering Singapore barbecue parties is their specialty. Their expertise in food preparation, handling, presentation and logistics planning sets EZBBQ apart from their competitors. They have experience catering Singapore organizations such as 987FM, Mediacorp and Singapore Sports School.

EZBBQ offers affordable packages for as low as 10 guests and as much as 15o guests. EZBBQ also caters to bigger events and can handle a crowd of 600 guests.

Having a memorable Christmas barbecue is fun and easy to do. All you have to do is have a casual theme party and hire a reputable barbecue catering company, and you’re good to go!

Your Choice To Scrap Your Car Could Do Wonders For Your Pocket And The Environment: Here’s How

Your car is sure to have been the victim of time and use. There may be a lot of wear and tear; and at some point you may find yourself looking for a scrap collecting agent. Many scrap collecting agents can assist you in putting your car for scrap. They understand that you may have an emotional attachment to your vehicle. But, scrapping your old car will be the best decision you take. Take a look at these benefits to know why:

A way to get rid of toxic metals

Certain car parts such as batteries and catalytic converters are made of toxic metals and chemicals. Putting your vehicle to junk is the best way to reduce your exposure to these toxic chemicals and metals. Apart from saving you from expensive doctor visits, car scrapping will also reduce the amount of toxic emissions that your car will release into the atmosphere.

Recycling of harmful spare parts

Your car will have multiple spare parts that will be made of plastics, metals and chemicals. A scrap car in Singapore is usually recycled in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint caused due to the release of toxic fumes. When you put your vehicle to junk, you will be contributing to your city’s recycling initiatives.

Lowered cost of maintenance

One of the best ways to relieve yourself of the burden of maintaining an old and broken down vehicle is to deregister your car. Older vehicles will have a host of problems plaguing them and you may need to spend a lot of time and money in fixing your car. It’s been estimated that fixing faulty cars cost almost double that of purchasing a brand new one.

Make earnings on an unused vehicle

Your old car is sure to be eating up a lot of space and a lot of your time. Scrap dealers are willing to purchase your old vehicle, allowing you to clear up much needed space and make good money. They will also be willing to transport your car to their scrapyard for free.

Helps you follow the law

Every country has its own automobile regulations and maintenance standards. If you intend to continue using your old car, you will need to ensure that your vehicle follows all rules, right from emission norms to safety regulations. However, this can be extremely difficult with rusted and faulty automobiles. You would need to spend thousands of dollars on fixing your car, money which can be saved if you just scrap your car. By selling your vehicle to a car scrapping agent, you can ensure that you are on the right side of the law.

At Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd, all your car scrapping needs will be taken care of. Contact Seng Huat for more information.

5 Tips To Choose The Right Wheelchair

When it comes to wheelchairs, users have a staggering number of choices. From wheelchairs suited for indoor use to those that can be used in mountainous terrain, there are multiple types of wheelchairs that you could choose from.

Selecting the ideal wheelchair can be a difficult task, especially for someone who has never used them before. There are certain considerations that you may need to make while choosing a wheelchair for yourself or your loved one. Here are certain things to keep in mind while choosing the wheelchair:

1) Type of disability

From fractures to spinal cord injuries, there are many reasons why someone may need a wheelchair. The choice of a wheelchair depends on the type and severity of the disability. Certain wheelchairs, including motorized scooters, will provide you great mobility and freedom. Others are best used by those who have limited arm mobility. Be sure to check with your doctor about the type of wheelchair you or your loved one need to use.

2) Assisted versus manual

Some wheelchairs cannot be operated by the user and you will need the help of a nurse or a loved one to move them. These types of wheelchairs are best used by the elderly or patients who have little to no mobility.

Manual wheelchairs, on the other hand, allow users to move themselves around. These could range anywhere from self-push wheelchairs to motorized scooters.

3) Place of residence and frequency of travel

The terrain which you frequently travel on has a huge impact on the wheelchair you need to select. Certain wheelchairs are ideal for city use or indoor use only. Others can be used outdoors and will most likely be foldable and compact, making them easy to transport.

4) Need for special accessories

Certain wheelchairs come equipped with special accessories such as personalized cushions or specialized fittings, while others are standard wheelchairs that provide basic medical grade features. The wheelchair you need to select will depend on whether you need any special accessories or not. Again, this depends on the type of disability that the user has.

5) Wheelchair rental or purchase

If you require the wheelchair permanently, it is best to purchase one. However, if you only need the wheelchair for a temporary period of time, it is best to rent it. If you do choose to rent wheelchairs, it is important to do so from a specialist wheelchair rental. This will ensure that you are provided high quality equipment at a low price.

Habibi Wheelchair Rental is a premier wheelchair rental in Singapore. They have four types of wheelchairs available:

  • Habibi Mini
  • Habibi Lightweight
  • Habibi Jumbo
  • Habibi Prime

Each of their wheelchairs is designed to suit the requirements of people with different disabilities. If you need assistance deciding on the type of wheelchair to rent, please feel free to talk to a member of Habibi Wheelchair’s team. They will assist you in making the right choice.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eye Clinic in Singapore

Singapore has made noticeable advancements in the medical care sector in the past few years. The development is particularly seen in cataract treatments, which are provided by a number of specialised eye clinics. The country’s healthcare program incorporates a free market along with a power governmental role. The government of Singapore ensures universal coverage, which can be supplemented with private, market-based medical plans.

Singapore’s optical care segment

Given the achievement of Singapore in the medical field, getting world-class cataract treatment here isn’t a distant dream for many. But a large number of choices can make it a little overwhelming for people. Below are a few factors to consider while choosing an eye clinic around Singapore:

Know your problem
The choice of an eye clinic in Singapore will depend largely on the issue you are facing. For example, if you have a cataract, you should know what is a cataract and who you should seek to treat it. There’s a difference between an optician, optometrists and an ophthalmologist. Opticians are people who are trained to give you the glass, low-vision aids or contact lenses to correct your eyesight. Optometrists are physicians licensed to diagnose and treat different optical conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and muscular degeneration. But an ophthalmologist is a person who receives the highest degree of specialisation amongst the three and would be the right person to approach for cataract surgery and information on how is cataract surgery done.

Expertise of the surgeon
Cataract surgeons are very many in number. But you should know about their expertise and experience before making an appointment. Although there is a large number of clinics, you should only go to a clinic that has qualified doctors with at least 10 years of experience in dealing with cataract cases. You should consider checking the doctor’s track record or ask people who have visited him/her in the past. Shinagawa, an eye clinic in Singapore that does cataract surgery, is one such clinic with very experienced surgeons.

Facilities in the clinic
The world today is witnessing great changes in the medical field. Different kinds of technology and equipment have emerged to provide effective cataract surgery and treatment. You should do a proper research on the facilities available in the clinic. Laser surgeries are common in cataract treatments. A clinic that has a modern set up and the latest facilities should be a good choice for you. Ultimately it’s your gut feeling that tells you whether or not you should go to a particular clinic.

Although the government of Singapore provides universal coverage to its citizens, price continues to remain a primary determining factor in optical care. A clinic that offers the necessary treatment at an affordable price and takes good care of your insurance should be a good choice for you. You may also want to consider the location of the clinic because going to a specialised eye clinic nearby can help you save on transport costs. You should weigh different options and choose a clinic that you can afford.

You should look for online testimonials and reviews or talk to your friend or relatives before you settle on a particular eye clinic in Singapore. Your eyesight is a valuable asset, and you shouldn’t jeopardize it by seeking treatment from a poor-serving clinic.