SEO Content Writing Strategies to Boost Your Rank this 2018

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing industry is growing increasingly competitive. Once in a while, a filler article pops up on search results page. However, quality SEO articles dominate online data.

Because the SEO and Search Engine Marketing industries are becoming more sophisticated, businesses like yours should catch up on the latest content writing trends. Below are some tips to take note of that can help you boost your rank today.

Write quality articles that are relevant and authoritative.

Writing is one of the core SEO strategies. Without content writing, there’s nothing technical SEO can do but rely on keywords. But we know that audiences don’t look for keywords. They use them to find answers online to their immediate concerns, such as removing rust from household items. The growth of content marketing led to the improvement of SEO content writing.

Google has something called a “featured snippet” which shows an excerpt from a quality, relevant and authoritative SEO article on the top of a search results page. This feature challenges businesses to create truly compelling content that can help them become the top-of-mind player in their industry.

Find new sources for article topics.

There’s a lot of ways you can find content to write about.

You can start by looking at the questions at the bottom of the Google search results page. You can find them under the “People Also Ask” feature. These questions can serve as the basis of your new articles. Because people are already asking them, it’s highly likely for them to turn to your website or blog for answers.

A surefire way of having good content is by hiring a content writing agency. One of them is 786SEO content writing services which is based in Singapore. 786SEO has an impeccable record bringing businesses from the 10th page to the first page of search engine results. They also have 786SEO ecommerce SEO services.

Find keywords inside social media and online forums.

Think of a trend or relevant issue to your business or organization, and find out what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook. Use hashtags and see if there are any phrase patterns in people’s posts. The same rule applies to Reddit.

Hiring an agency like 786SEO content marketing services can also help you with identifying keywords, especially longtail ones. They can even look beyond the social media and forum platforms mentioned in this article.

Lastly, be interesting.

Great SEO content goes beyond stating facts and people’s online writing patterns. Exceptional SEO content writing is interesting and fun to read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be over-the-top for virality. It has to be simply engaging for the reader to take concrete action.

Google measures how interesting your articles are based on users’ average ‘bounce time’ and ‘dwell time’. ‘Bounce time’ refers to the duration of a user’s entrance to and exit from your blog. ‘Dwell time’ refers to how long a user spends on your article. The longer they take on your article page, the better.


5 Subscription Boxes For The Man in Your Life

Subscription boxes are great gifts you could give to the man in your life. You can get a subscription box for your husband, fiance, boyfriend, or son.

Pros of getting a subscription box

A subscription box provides him with a constant supply of his needs or wants without breaking your bank. The contents of subscription boxes outweigh the cost of buying these items individually in an online marketplace.

Getting a subscription box is also more valuable than heading to the departmental store to buy individual items. Rather than going to the mall, you and your partner or family member can spend time on more important matters.

Best of all, the items are carefully curated by fashion and lifestyle experts from the subscription box brand.

Types of subscription boxes that you can give

There are literally thousands of subscription boxes for guys out there. Here are the best ones that are available in or ship to Singapore.

Credit: The Shave It Club website

The Shave It Club

Instead of going to online marketplaces where he can buy shaver online, get him a monthly shaving subscription box. The Shave It Club is a simple and affordable shaving subscription box that delivers blade cartridges to your man’s doorstep monthly. Choose from three shaver handle colors (black, gold, silver) and the number of blade cartridges  to give him that sleek and smooth look every month. The Shave It Club offers two blade cartridges for the price of $9.90. Their four cartridge package costs $15.90. The subscription box also comes with a membership card that lets both of you enjoy perks from various establishments, including Balqi’s the Bistro, Forest Child, Time to Hijra, Sinseh: The Grocery, and Toasties. Not bad for a grooming kit!

Credit: Loot Crate Official Facebook Page

Loot Crate

Does his heart somersault every time a new Marvel film trailer or Final Fantasy game comes out? Is he a big Steph Curry fan? Then this subscription box brand is definitely for him! Loot Crate offers the largest collection of subscription boxes for geeks, gamers and sports fans? Loot Crate subscription boxes contain apparel, wearables, utility items and collectibles such as comic books and vinyl toys based on the theme for the month. There are subscription boxes available for different fandoms, including Star Trek, DC, Call of Duty, NBA and Major League Baseball. The subscription boxes range between S$17 to S$106 depending on what package you’re getting.

Credit: BattlBox Official Facebook Page


This subscription box is perfect for men who love the outdoors, work in the military or emergency response. Battlbox is a subscription box service that provides your man with a monthly supply of survival and tactical gear. There’s a wide range of goodies to prepare your outdoorsman for any trip or emergency. Items include emergency supplies, camping equipment such as tents,  sleeping bags and portable stoves, as well as shirts, headwear and socks. There are four subscription types available (costs exclude shipping):

  • Basic (US$24.99)
  • Advanced (US$49.99)
  • Pro (US$99.99)
  • Pro Plus (US$149.99)

You can order a BattlBox on HelloSubscription.


Ultimate Guide to Muslim Friendly Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is a multi racial and cultural city with about a million Muslims living and/or working there. It is a highly recommended place to visit for a holiday if you are a Muslim due to the numerous Muslim friendly amenities found there. From finding the best Muslim friendly places to stay at, Halal food to dig in to the latest Muslim fashion like elegant abayas and good burkini swimwear, Singapore has it all. So read the rest of this article to discover the ultimate guide to Muslim friendly places to visit in Singapore.


If you are visiting any city, you will have to find accommodation to stay at while you explore the city. Singapore has no short supply of hotels but specifically, it has quite a number of Muslim friendly hotels. Some of these hotels have dedicated prayer rooms, prayer mats, the Holy Quran and Qibla direction in the comfort of the guest rooms and Halal certified restaurants serving some of the best local and international cuisines. Others may be near mosques and Halal eateries for the convenience of any Muslim traveler.

Two of these hotels are located in the central shopping district of Singapore called Orchard Road. They are none other than Royal Plaza on Scotts and Grand Hyatt. Incidentally, these two hotels are just across the road from each other and they are also near the Al-Falah mosque and numerous Halal eateries at the shopping centers nearby. Others such as the Fairmont Singapore and Marina Mandarin Singapore can be found near historical sites such as the Padang, City Hall, War Memorial and even near an underground mosque located at the basement of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) at the heart of Singapore’s business district.


The next thing that any Muslim traveler will definitely need is to find Halal food to feast on. Well, don’t fret as there is no shortage of that in Singapore as well. You can find numerous places to dine at, serving some of the best local Halal dishes all across the island. Some of the best ones along the Kampong Glam area include eateries such as Zam Zam, Victory, Tasneem, Islamic, Hajjah Maimunah and Rumah Makan Mikang. Zam Zam, Victory, Tasneem and Islamic whips up some of the most delicious Indian cuisines while Hajjah Maimunah and Rumah Makan Minang are known for their mouth watering traditional Malay dishes. Apart from the Kampong Glam area, you can also find many delectable Halal food in areas like the Newton Food Centre, Tekka market, Geylang Serai market, Golden Mile Food Centre, Changi Village Food Center and much more all around Singapore.


Now, what visit to a city will be complete without the mandatory shopping. Singapore has a vast array of locations to shop for Muslim friendly items. You can find some of the latest Muslim fashion like abaya, hijab, shawls, scarves, jubahs and jilbabs at various locations such as Joo Chiat Complex, Tanjong Katong Complex, Geylang Serai market and Golden Landmark Shopping Centre. In addition, these locations also offer other Muslim essentials like prayer mats, prayer gowns, Qibla compasses, prayer beads, holy Qurans and much more.

In fact, there are even local based online sites that offer the latest Muslim fasion like good hijab style, elegant maxi-dresses and good abaya designs. One highly recommended site is HijabDressUp which is dedicated to Muslim women fashion.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Company

Hiring an app company is one of the most crucial steps in developing your mobile app. Make sure you get to ask all the questions below before coming to a final decision and proceeding with your project.

How well do you know my business and my intended audience?

First and foremost, the app company should take time to know your business, understand your needs, and your market. Showing interest right off the bat reflects their intent to work with you, invest time in your project and provide good customer service. If you’re getting a local app company Malaysia and Singapore are markets they should know about.

Where can I find samples of your work?

An app company should be able to confidently provide you a list of projects they’ve worked on, links to those projects, as well as a brief description for each.

What companies and industries did you develop mobile apps for?

If their experience includes working on an app for a company similar to yours or in the same industry, then that means they’ll be familiar with what you need. Better if you get to know that’s an app company Singapore and Malaysia-based clients trust.

What kind of special features can you create for my mobile app? Do you have experience in building them?

The app company should be innovative enough to create special features that will attract more mobile users, set you apart from the competition, and strengthen your brand value.

The app company might not have developed that feature yet. However, they may be familiar with the features that you need and can work on it.

How much experience do you have in terms of design and user experience?

The app company should have the ability to create a simple and efficient user experience that will entice users to frequently use your app.

How will we communicate during the mobile app development process?

It’s very important to hire an app company that proactively communicates with you, and constantly updates you. They should help you understand the development process, not hide it from you.

How will you test my mobile app?

Make sure that they test your app during the development stage to immediately address any bugs or problems that may come up.

Who will submit my mobile app to app stores?

App submission is a long and tedious process that the app company should be able to guide you throughout. In any case, you should own the account submitting the app to ensure continuity.

Who will own the mobile app?

Typically, the client owns the mobile app. Just make sure you obtain the necessary legal copyright documents.

What’s your pricing and payment schedule?

Finally, ask how much they charge and when they’ll charge you.

If you’re a Singapore or Malaysia-based business, then you’ll find that Ambient,, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia can cater to all your app development needs. Just visit their website for their portfolio and schedule a meeting to get things going!


Top Places to Find Halal Food in Singapore & Bangkok


Singapore and Bangkok are two major cities known for their massive range of local and international cuisines. But what is lesser known is that lately, you can find actually find more halal food in Singapore and halal food in Bangkok. The rest of the article will highlight some of the top places to find Halal food in both Singapore and Bangkok starting with everything halal Singapore has to offer first.

Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza, located at the edge of Orchard Road, Singapore’s busy shopping district is not only known for many halal eateries and some of the best halal restaurants in Singapore but also an Indonesian supermarket that sells many halal and Muslim supplies. Just across from this supermarket is a halal Indonesian restaurant called Ayam Penyet Lucky Surabaya which serves one of the best and authentic rice and grilled/fried chicken dishes. Other halal Indonesian/Malay eateries include Ayam Penyet Ria, Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut and Warung Surabaya. But if you are craving western fast food, then you can just head over to the halal certified Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) located at the ground level.

Newton Food Centre

Another top halal food centre about 10 minutes walk away from Far East Plaza is Newton Food Centre. This food centre is famous among local and foreign patrons alike for its mouth watering and authentic local meals. Some of the favorites here include barbeque seafood dishes like prawns and crabs and Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines.


The next part of the article will focus on top Halal food that can be found in Bangkok.

Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court

If you are in Platinum Fashion Mall doing your shopping and in search of Halal food, then look no further than the food court on level 6. There are two stalls serving halal food, namely Stalls P18 and P20. P18 specialises in Muslim food while P20 focuses on Indian and even Thai food. The Indian food served at P20 also include a mouth watering chicken biryani. The meals served at both P18 and P20 are really delicious and authentic and definitely worth a try.

Tom Yam Paa Nga outside Citin Pratunam

While Tom Yam Paa Nga is a modest cart, don’t let the modesty fool you as the food served here is simply mind blowing. As the name suggests, the main specialty of this eatery is Tom Yam. But it is not just any kind of Tom Yam. The Tom Yam is of course halal and is prepared with much love and tradition by the owner. In addition, the meal is also prepared with heaps of mushrooms and prawns and you can specify the level of your spiciness.

I’m sure the halal places mentioned above have got you drooling in hunger and wishing you can find out more. Don’t fret as we got you covered. For more information on Muslim friendly food, hotels and attractions in Singapore and Bangkok or even halal restaurants in London and halal restaurants in New York, then head on over to HalalGo.

How to Find the Right SEO Agency in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important components of digital marketing today. SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website design and online content in order to appear on the first page of search results and gain more traffic. Online content doesn’t refer to just any content, but material that directly responds to the immediate concerns of online audiences. By quickly giving online audiences what they want, you’re able to achieve several goals. These goals are: drive traffic towards your website, generate interest, and most importantly, generate income.

SEO is an art and science that requires experience and the best expertise. That’s why you need to find the right agency that provides SEO services in Singapore. Here are tips on how to find the right SEO Agency in Singapore for you.

Define your goals.

First, define what your SEO and search marketing objectives are. Yes, SEO generally drives traffic from online audiences.  But you need to be particular about which segment of the market you’re targeting. You can’t just say, that you’re targeting everyone. For example, if you’re offering lunch meal delivery services, you would want to narrow your audience to something like  “people working in offices near the Marina Bay area”. It would also be helpful if you could set a sales quota. Most importantly, you need to set a goal defining your brand to ensure your strength and market value online.

Your goals will serve as one of the parameters for choosing the right Singapore SEO company.

Define your budget.

Just like any marketing initiative, SEO will cost you a few hundred dollars so it’s best to set a budget early on.

Scout for SEO agencies.

There are two ways you can go about this. You can jump in the cold and search for SEO agencies online. You can find hundreds of them jostling for your attention online! Or you can ask for referrals instead, as it is a much safer and better method. You can ask your business and personal networks if they have any SEO agency to recommend. Asking for referrals is easier because you can ask the people recommending about their experience working with these particular agencies and their price range. But it shouldn’t stop there. Aside from asking questions, you also need to do your due diligence online before setting up an appointment. Look at their websites and read online testimonials and reviews, if there are any. Shortlist at least three

Set up a meeting with each SEO agency.

Set up a meeting with each SEO agency to know how they can help you. Tell them about your objectives and ask them if they have experience meeting these kinds of objectives. It would be best if each SEO agency could present case studies and rate cards for you to study.

After all your meetings, evaluate the three SEO agencies side by side. Once you choose the right SEO agency for you, it’s time to work on boosting your online content.

Why Startups Need SEO Services

SEO services for startups

The idea of the modern startup appeared in Forbes magazine back in 1976. The term became popular in the past decade or so, thanks to our movement towards the digital and mobile eras. For a time, “startup” was a hip and revolutionary term thrown around Silicone Valley. Nowadays, startups are a dime-a-dozen, but their value remains high. While there are some ridiculous-sounding startups, there are more companies that offer real solutions to the everyday person. Today, startups comprise a whole new business category alongside “conglomerates”, and “multinational companies”.

These facts are enough to tell us that startups today exist in a very competitive marketplace. And because of this, startups need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to make sure they attract online users effectively.

Here are the top reasons why a startup needs SEO services:

Make their presence known.

Startups, whether digital or not, need to make their presence known online. And the only real effective way to do it is through SEO. While a startup could utilize all types of digital marketing, such initiatives don’t compare to SEO. That’s primarily because people still utilize search engines heavily. While people receive content primarily from social media, they still conduct separate searches for additional information or verification. They rely on online searching to help them make crucial decisions. Making your presence known through SEO tells audiences that you exist and are glad to address their needs.

Show their value to investors.

Another reason why startups need SEO services is to show their value to your investors. A lot of startups have beautiful websites and blogs to get traction that will convince investors to invest in them. SEO services, one way or another, play a part in creating a website worthy of digital traction. However, startups who have tangible products and offline services should also work to gain traction outside of their digital channels.

They mean business.

Because startups are inherently innovative in nature, it pays to get SEO services to spread the word about these innovations they want to introduce. All that hard work conceptualizing and creating solutions will only come to fruition if startups have a market that will support them. It’s important that they stay visible and relevant to their target audiences as well as prospects. After all, startups only have a life expectancy rate of 3 years. Investing in SEO services as an affordable marketing tool can help their businesses live longer. And because SEO is subtle and online user-driven, it’s more attractive than loud and dated banner ads.

SEO Services in Singapore

There are a lot of agencies in Singapore that do SEO services. It’s just a matter of picking the right one. To know which Singapore SEO company to go for, look for one that has experience and proven their mettle. You should also look for an SEO agency in Singapore that can customise solutions and answer to all your needs. Once you find that, then you’ll be able to begin your winning SEO marketing strategy for your startup.

How to Help Your Child Cope with Chemistry and Physics

Science is one of the main focuses of the Singaporean educational system. Various science subjects comprise around 25% of the primary school syllabus. Secondary schools require students to take two science subjects for their O-level examinations.

Chemistry and physics are two of the most popular science subjects among secondary school students. After secondary school, students may also take up chemistry and physics in junior college depending on their career path.

A lot of students take up chemistry and physics as they envision themselves in science careers. However, passion is not enough to fuel students’ academic standing. Chemistry and physics are among the most difficult subjects so students need the training to excel in these subjects.

Are you a parent with a child who is facing difficulties with their secondary school physics and chemistry? If your answer is yes, then here are tips on how you can help them cope with these subjects.

First, determine the cause of the problem.

There are a few reasons why a student is lagging behind academically in chemistry and physics. One of the factors is his or her general academic outlook towards science. If your child found science difficult in primary school, the more they will find chemistry and physics to be difficult. Another factor is the change in the level of difficulty of subjects. Their excellence in science in primary school may not carry over to secondary school because they find it hard cope. The same applies when your child transitions from secondary school to junior college. It’s best to talk to your child personally if you see him or her struggling with studying physics and chemistry.

Enroll your Child in the Right Tuition Centre

Many parents here in Singapore send their children to tuition school for two reasons. One is to put them at an academic advantage above their fellow students. Another reason and the more common one is to help them cope with difficult subjects.

You may have been sending your child to the same tuition centre since he or she was in primary school. However, you may not be getting enough results. If your child still finds science hard after sending them to primary school science tuition, then it may because the centre is not well-equipped to teach advanced subjects. Hence, you need to reconsider your current tuition centre and find a new one.

But if you have never sent your child to tuition but is now finding physics and chemistry difficult, then it’s time to find a reputable one to help him keep up with academic difficulties.

Always show your support

Finally, always be supportive of your child no matter what his or her grades or challenges are. Your support means a lot and will motivate them to perform at their best.

Chemistry and Physics Tuition by Optimus

The Singapore Tuition Centre, Optimus, offers physics and chemistry tuition to students from all levels, from primary to junior college. For enquiries about Optimus chemistry tuition and physics tuition, visit their website today.

How to Make your Laptop Last Longer

Having a laptop is necessary for work, study and leisure. That is why it’s important for you to take really good care of them.

When it comes to laptop repair Singapore has a lot of shops that offer this service. However, having laptop repair shops all around you does not mean that you will take what you have for granted. No matter how you put it, repairs still cost more than preventing problems from occurring. They are also very expensive to replace. Here are some tips to making your laptop last longer, if not forever.

Keep it secure.

Having your laptop stolen is a very harrowing and costly experience, so you have to keep it secure. Put a name label on it, and place it inside an anti-theft slash-proof bag. It should also have a password, preferably a difficult one that uses characters, numbers, and letters in uppercase and lowercase. If your laptop has additional security features, use them. Keep them close and visible when you’re out in public.

Keep it free from liquids and food particles.

Eating or drinking while working on our laptops more enjoyable. It also puts our laptops at risk for irreparable ruin. Food particles getting in between the keys of your keyboard could affect your typing. Ice cream and drink spills may cause motherboards to malfunction.

If you must eat and drink, shield your keyboard from your food or drink, or turn away from your laptop. Turn to your side to pop a morsel of popcorn, or stand up to take a swig of your drink.

Clean it regularly.

Use a small dust rag to wipe its screen and keyboard with a special laptop cleaner as often as you could. Use a small feather duster to clean the crevices in between keys.

Handle with care.

Close the screen and hold it with two hands when you’re putting it inside your bag, or if you’re transferring it from one place to another. Store your laptop in a cool and dry place to prevent it from overheating.

Turn it off or set in hibernate mode.

Turn your laptop off before sleeping so it can get its necessary rest. Having it turned on constantly may cause it to overheat and work slower. Turn it on hibernate mode if you’re travelling between meetings, or from home to school or vice-versa.

Update your OS or antivirus system.

To keep your software safe from malware and viruses, you need to update your OS (for Macs) and antivirus systems (for Windows). Keep your software updated as much as possible.

When all else fails

Even if you take all the necessary precautions, your laptop still runs the risk of malfunctioning. When that happens, take it to a shop that does computer repair Singapore users trust. If you are a Mac user, look for a shop specialising in Macbook repair Singapore Mac loyalists love.

Remember, prevention is better than repair, but when you need repair, go to a shop that Singaporeans like you trust.


Window Blinds that You Could Buy for Your Home Part 2

Window blinds are a type of window treatment you can use for your home, office or shop here in Singapore. There are many types of window blinds you can choose from. In the last article, we discussed a few of these types, including bamboo, rainbow, roller and roman blinds. In this article, we will continue to discuss the other types of window blinds available.

Here are other types of window blinds you can use in  your home:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal blades made of either aluminum, PVC or wood. Their blades come in different widths, although narrow blinds are more common. They also come in a wide range of colors. You can adjust the blinds using a sturdy string on its side. Using the string, you can angle the blades the way you want, based on how much or little light you want in a room. If you want more sunlight, adjust the blades until they look flat. If you want to have less sunlight, angle the blades upward or downward.  Venetian blinds by themselves do not look stylish. However, they can give a room a cool and relaxing look if you angle the blades downward.

You can use Venetian blinds in the bedroom, kitchen and dining areas. Venetian blinds look grand in living rooms that have large vertical windows.

Vertical Blinds

Singapore is a tropical country, so it’s important for you to choose blinds that would block out the heat of the sun. Among all types of blinds, vertical blinds are the easiest and most elegant type of blinds for sun protection. Because the blades of vertical blinds are wider than Venetian blinds, they provide better coverage for large windows. Vertical blinds also fit well with round and irregularly shaped windows. They are available in a wide range of colors and materials.

Vertical blinds look best in living rooms with large horizontal windows.

Vitrom Blinds

Vitrom blinds is a practical yet dramatic type of window blinds. This type of blinds is perfect for people who want as much protection from heat as they can. Vitrom blinds do not have blades. Instead, it has an opaque front layer made of overlapping fabrics and a sheer and translucent layer at the back. The back layer provides additional protection from the sun, even if the front layer is open. When you close the opaque front layer completely, the blinds resemble a large roller blind. When you pull the string, the overlapping fabrics of the opaque front layer separate to let light in. Opened vitrom blinds look like a window jalousie. Vitrom blinds give a laid-back hippie feel to your home. You can choose among the many fabrics, textures, and colors of vitrom blinds available in the market.

Where to Buy Window Blinds

These types of window blinds are available at The Curtain Expert. They can customise your blinds or you can choose from the readymade blinds available in their store. To view their full collection, visit their website at